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SKYTYX Biobanking specializes in the collection and preservation of animal and plant specimens, providing pristine samples essential for research in biodiversity, genomics, and environmental science, including those endangered and with significant economic value. Our expertise extends to precise gathering methods, ensuring each specimen maintains its purity and quality. These samples are invaluable for genetic analysis, conservation efforts, and agricultural innovations, supporting scientists and researchers in their quest to understand and protect our natural world. Located in the strategic hub of Dubai, UAE – Skytyx leverages cutting-edge scientific methodologies and technologies to advance the field of biobanking, contributing significantly to global conservation efforts.
Strategic Conservation
By 2035, numerous animal species will have disappeared, emphasizing the critical importance of conservation efforts. The country that preserves samples for a biobank will position itself as a global distributor of species, playing a key role in the restoration and maintenance of biodiversity across the planet.
Safeguarding Agricultural Diversity
Biobanking plays a pivotal role in preserving the genetic diversity of agricultural species, which is essential for ensuring global food security and promoting sustainable farming practices. By storing and managing genetic materials from a wide range of agricultural plants and animals, biobanks help maintain the biodiversity necessary for resilient food production systems. This preservation is crucial in facing challenges such as climate change, pests, and diseases, which threaten crop yields and livestock health.
Global Success Stories
Biobanking has led to several global success stories, showcasing its vital role in biodiversity conservation and scientific research. Notable examples include the revival of the black- footed ferret in North America and the preservation of the coral gene pools in the Great Barrier Reef. These efforts demonstrate how biobanking can not only prevent the extinction of species but also contribute to their recovery and the restoration of ecosystems.
Collaborating for a Sustainable Future
Skytyx is committed to forging partnerships that pave the way for a sustainable future through biobanking and species preservation. Our goal is to collaborate with a diverse range of stakeholders, including governmental and academic institutions, non-profit organizations and the private sector. These collaborations are vital for sharing knowledge, leveraging resources, and amplifying our impact on global conservation efforts.
Cutting-Edge Technologies in Biobanking
Skytyx leverages cutting-edge technologies to enhance biobanking capabilities, ensuring the highest standards of sample preservation and genetic analysis. These technologies include advanced cryopreservation techniques, ensuring long-term viability of biological samples at ultra- low temperatures. We also utilize state-of-the-art genomic sequencing and bioinformatics tools to analyze and store genetic information efficiently. Automation and robotics are employed to increase the precision and efficiency of sample handling, reducing human error and improving reproducibility. These innovative technologies are integral to our mission of advancing biobanking practices and contributing to global conservation efforts.

Biobanking: A Revolutionary Tool for Conservation and Genetic Preservation
Biobanking represents a revolutionary approach in the field of conservation, particularly significant in today's environmental context. It involves the collection, processing, and storage of biological samples, such as DNA, cells, or tissues, from various species, both endangered and economically valuable. This innovative practice is crucial for preserving genetic diversity, aiding species restoration efforts, and providing invaluable resources for future scientific research. The introduction of biobanking marks a pivotal moment in our ability to combat the ongoing biodiversity crisis, offering a tangible means to safeguard our planet's genetic heritage for generations to come.

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Our Services
Sample Collection
We specialize in the ethical and sustainable collection of biological samples from a wide array of species, focusing on both endangered wildlife and agriculturally significant plants and animals.
Tissue Culture
Our tissue culture services support the conservation and replication of plant species, aiding in the restoration of populations and enhancing agricultural productivity.
Genetic Analysis
Utilizing cutting-edge genomic technologies, we provide detailed genetic profiling and analysis to better understand the genetic diversity and structure of various species. This service is crucial for research and development in conservation genetics.
Custom Biobanking Solutions
Tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients, we design custom biobanking solutions that address unique conservation challenges and research objectives.
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