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SKYTYX is a science and technology consulting agency that helps biotech and deep tech businesses to drive innovation and achieve success. With a team of experts in various fields of science and technology, SKYTYX offers tailored solutions to navigate in the rapidly evolving technological landscape and stay ahead of the competition.
SKYTYX prioritize innovation as a core value, striving to develop and implement creative solutions that help businesses stay ahead of the competition and achieve their goals. We are able to think creatively, leveraging our knowledge and expertise to develop novel solutions that are not bound by conventional thinking.
Technical Expertise
As a science and technology consulting agency specializing in deep tech, we believe that Technical Expertise is a critical value for delivering value to our clients. Our consultants possess a deep understanding of complex scientific and technical concepts, with advanced degrees, certifications, or specialized training to back up their knowledge.
Strategic Thinking
Strategic thinking involves the ability to think critically and creatively, analyzing data and information to identify patterns and trends, and to develop innovative approaches to complex problems. This value is critical to success, as it enables to find solutions that are not only effective in the short term, but also sustainable and adaptable over time.
A strong sense of Vision enables our team to look beyond immediate challenges and opportunities to identify longer-term trends and develop a clear and compelling picture of what the future could be. Ultimately, Vision enables to deliver value to our clients by providing a clear roadmap for the future.
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Areas of Expertise
Bio tech | Agro tech,
Agrotech solutions, including precision agriculture and crop management technologies, aquaculture and fisheries solution. Development of new proteins and other biologically-based products for food, medicine and materials science. Artificial meat and vegetable growing technologies.
Our specialized biobanking services encompass expert collection procedures for animal and plant samples, guaranteeing pristine specimens for research in biodiversity, genomics, and environmental studies. We excel in the meticulous gathering of animal and plant specimens, utilizing precise techniques to ensure the purity and quality of samples for genetic analysis, conservation initiatives, and agricultural advancements.
Comprehensive e-mobility consulting services, specializing in telematics integration, e-bike solutions, chassis development, and e-auto development support. Our expert team provides tailored guidance on optimizing performance, enhancing design, and streamlining production processes for electric vehicles. Additionally, we offer cutting-edge map solutions specifically designed for e-mobility, ensuring efficient routes and seamless integration with charging infrastructure.
Materials science |
Smart materials
Shape memory effects, fusibility, and programmability characteristics for metals, polymers, gels, nanomaterials, and modified bioproducers/Material synthesis and engineering services for the development of new smart materials/Characterization services to analyze the properties of smart materials and optimize their performance for specific applications.

Industry &
Natural Resources
Sustainability consulting/Natural resource development including sustainable land use planning, environmental impact assessments, and resource management strategies/Industry 4.0 solutions including automation, robotics, and digitalization/Energy consulting, including renewable energy solutions and energy efficiency assessments, to help businesses reduce their energy consumption and costs
Integrated and computer engineering solutions/TRIZ/Technical documentation and compliance according to different standards/Quality assurance and testing/System design and prototyping/Technical support and maintenance
science • innovation • technology
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